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What is Hamsam?

Hamsam is a multi-protocol instant messaging API, that helps you to develop a wide range of real-time instant messaging applications. Hamsam has been designed from the ground up to support a long range of features available in most instant messaging services, and an elegant way of handling protocols which do not support certain features. And more importantly, new protocols can be plugged in with minimal amount of code change.

Who can use Hamsam?

Hamsam is intended for application developers, and not for end users. If you want to develop an application that needs instant messaging capabilities, Hamsam is for you. If you want to chat with someone, Hamsam may not suit you (at least not on its own).

What's in a name? 

What does that word Hamsam (both ham and sam rhymes with sum) mean?

That is a word in Sanskrit that means swan. In the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata, there is this story about the King Nala urging a swan to carry a message to his beloved Damayanthi. This seems to be the oldest reference of using an alternate (and interesting) mode of communication.

How could the swan have understood the message from Nala? How could it convey that to Damayanthi? It certainly sounds weird. However, the instant messaging systems of 21st century are equally weird. Right from the features they provide, to the communication protocols they use - everything is so complex. So this name appears a good choice for a project that tries to bring together multiple messaging systems.


Hamsam is copyright © Raghu K, 2003.

Hamsam is free software released under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), to guarantee your freedom to share and change it. Please refer to the license terms, before using this software.

Please note that the Hamsam 0.1 alpha version is released under a different license. That version uses GNU General Public License (GPL) which is quite different from LGPL. If you plan to use Hamsam in non-free programs, you should not use Hamsam 0.1 alpha release. Check out detailed license terms of GPL here. However, you can use CVS or later releases under LGPL.

Hamsam is not affiliated to nor endorsed with Yahoo!, MSN, or AOL.