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Welcome to the Hamsam instant messaging API project web page. Hamsam is a multi-protocol instant messaging API, developed in Java, that helps in development of instant messaging applications.


14 Jan 2004

You might have noticed that Yahoo! connectivity is down since last week. We have a new release - 0.2.3 - that'll get you connected. Grab it from our downloads page.

22 Nov 2003

Hamsam development has been somewhat slow over that last few weeks. Those of you who check CVS must have noticed this. We find it very difficult to devote some time for Hamsam since our day jobs got a lot busy recently. Besides, the next release is planned to bring in some drastic changes to the API that requires a good amount of effort. We hope to bring you the next release in another month.

2 Nov 2003

It is exactly one month from 0.2.1, we present Hamsam 0.2.2 beta with all those MSN bug fixes you have been demanding. However, I know at least a couple of bugs which are still not done. Right now, we are working on enhancing the API which is to be rolled out in 0.3. We hope to fix a few more bugs together with that. Keep those bug reports coming.

31 Oct 2003

Hamsam is still connecting to MSN despite this announcement from Microsoft. However, there have been a few bugs reported, that blocks out some of you depending on your JDK version. See this and this before complaining :-)

2 Oct 2003

Finally, we are back on air with Yahoo!. Since Sep 25, Yahoo! protocol stopped working. This new release supports the latest protocol version 0x0b with the new password encryption scheme. Gaim and Trillian teams did an awesome job to crack it so fast. This release benefits from their hard work. Big cheers for them.

21 Sep 2003

Hamsam 0.2 is available for download now. This is a very important release, with lots of goodies packed in. We now support three protocols - AIM, MSN and Yahoo!. The whole API looks cleaner. Many bug fixes are made after 0.1.1. Besides we have a good tutorial. What are you waiting for? Go grab it!!!

17 Sep 2003

Here is a new look and feel for the web site. And we are actively working on the much awaited release of MSN and AIM modules. Expect a release very soon.

16 Sep 2003

Most of the work in MSN module is completed now. Now it supports the new authentication mechanism via HTTPS (MSNP8).

2 Aug 2003
Check out the AOL IM module in CVS. It is not fully operational yet, please wait till we come up with next release.
16 Jul 2003
Hamsam 0.1.1 (alpha) is available in download servers now. This version contains exactly the same code as in 0.1 alpha release. However, we have changed the license to LGPL in this release.
14 Jul 2003
Today, a bare bone implementation of MSN protocol was added to CVS. As of now, it just logs in and receives messages. Watch out for more action in the coming days.
08 Mar 2003
Hamsam-0.1 (alpha) is released!!! The current implementation supports only the Yahoo! instant messaging service. Although most features must be working by now, don't be surprised if you find something completely broken.
23 Feb 2003
Hamsam web site is up and running now